What are the Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient?

It is not necessary that you need to make considerable changes in your home to make it more energy efficient. Some people think that it involves expensive upgrades and lengthy home renovation procedures. Those people need to come out of their myth bubble. Choosing simple advancements and adopting new habits can contribute to improving energy efficiency in homes. If you are interested in doing easy refurbishment, check out the following ideas to implement them in your space.

improving energy efficiency in homes

Check the Windows and Doors: If your windows and doors do not have a proper airtight seal, you are losing a lot of energy while heating and cooling your space. Take a candle or an incense stick lit and hold them near your windows and doors to find the drafts. If the flame darts, it means you have a breeze. If not, then your doors and windows are completely airtight. During the cold season, put an exterior window film to increase the energy efficiency.

Dry your Clothes Naturally: Dryers take more than 60% of the total energy of your home’s energy. It would be much better to dry your clothes under the sun by hanging them on rope or clothes drying racks. Every season, you can dry your clothes by putting them outside ( under the shelter during rain or snow). If there is any emergency and you want to dry your clothes, you can use the dryer at that time.

Use Fan Instead of Using Air Conditioner: Air conditioners quickly cool your bedrooms and the whole house. But at the same time, it also consumes a lot of energy to run. Ceiling fans are also an excellent approach to cool your space. They are less power consuming than the A.C. It also helps during the cold season by pushing the hot air down into the room.

Replace the Traditional Lighting Bulbs with LED Bulbs – LED light Bulbs are far better than the traditional ones. It contributes to creating a more energy-efficient home. It has distinct shapes, wattages, temperatures, sizes, and colors. As a result, LEDs consume 75% less energy than traditional ones.

New High-efficiency Furnaces -The least energy-intensive furnaces are the new high-efficiency ones, although older units may still be made more effective. The first step is annual professional servicing. Then, cleaning the areas, you can’t see or will be necessary and ensuring it isn’t functioning any more complex than needed. For your part, make sure air flows readily into the unit and extend the life of your furnace by changing filters every three months more if you’ve just had renovations or have pets.
Use Big Appliances in the Evening Times: Dishwasher, Clothing Dryer, and Washing Machine consume a lot of energy as it runs long. For obtaining accomplishments, change is a must. Reschedule your washing time from morning to evening. It will help in saving energy and is suitable for your home. You can improve the energy efficiency of your home by following little tips and changes.

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