Check out these Ways to Breathe New Life into the Old Wood Windows

Restoration of old windows is an art. It adds a character to your space. Repairing over replacing old windows may sound a tough and hectic task to some people. But let me tell you that window restoration is an ideal option over replacing them until the windows are functioning well. 

Suppose you can restore old windows, then why not? Conserve the charm of old wood windows with just the implementation of a few methods. Wood is considered the best material for windows and window frames. It is rugged, solid, and durable for a long lifespan. However, wood is a naturally durable material that shields your home under any weather. Follow all the necessary prevention to secure it from damage. Go through these listed points to perform old window restoration of your home windows. 

  1. Perform a Regular Maintenance Check on Windows – The most straightforward approach to repairing or restoring old windows is to take action while there is nominal decay, damage, or paint and stain issues. If you detect the problem early, it will spare you the hassle of removing the windows from their frames and replacing the window coatings later. Include window inspections in your regular house maintenance, which will help keep a regular update about the windows’ conditions. Check weather stripping, paint, stain, glass, and lifting mechanisms frequently to avoid succumbing to climate and nature’s unavoidable ravages.
  1. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint on the Wooden Frames When It Is Required – Often, rather than the frame itself, the paint will fail when a window looks to be breaking apart. Paint is the first line of shield for protecting a surface. Thus, if the paint on your windows flocks off, it’s time to sand, fix, prime, and paint them. Take a close, hard look at the adjoining siding or roofing while you’re repairing or maintaining the window frames to be sure you’re avoiding more damage. In addition, damaged paint can frequently be a sign of moisture encroachment from somewhere else. Thus, it is essential to take necessary precautions to eradicate this issue. 
  1. Repair the Decomposed area of Wooden Frame- A significant problem is decomposing window frames if your home has wooden windows. In many cases, it is more cost-effective and ecologically suitable to selectively repair the wooden window where it has been harmed rather than replace the entire frame. Pay close attention to the upper edges and bottom sash during your inspections, as they are more likely to be exposed to moisture and sunlight. A local carpenter will be able to assist you in replacing the parts if the wood is too damaged to be repaired by yourself. Apart from this, if you want and have a sufficient budget to replace the whole window frame, you can also do that. It’s entirely your call. 
  1. Keep a Check on the Seals of Windows for Avoiding Leakage Issues – Your windows may be leaking if your home feels abnormally draughty. For a variety of reasons, a leaking window seal might be problematic. Not only will it allow in the blazing summer heat and the bitterly cold winter air, but it might also hint that you must go outdoors and perform regular maintenance to protect yourself from the weather. The structure of old wood windows consists of a particular putty material which needs regular paint and leakage prevention coat. Although functional for its intended usage, the glazing degrades with time due to exposure to the elements, including wind, rain, and sunlight. Therefore, if you live in an area with frequent weather changes, aim to paint the exterior of old windows at least every five or eight years. 
  1. Prefer Hardwood Over Softwood for Window Repairs – Though we all know that wood is an ideal choice for window frames. While commencing the window repairing work, make sure that you pick hardwood because hardwood is ahead of softwood. Compared to hardwood, softwood expands and contracts with the change in the climate. As a result, it starts decaying more rapidly than hardwood. Thus, it would help if you preferred to use hardwood as your first option.  
  2. Change Old Ropes and Pulleys of the Windows – A sizable piece of lead is fastened to the pulleys and ropes inside and along conventional wood windows’ sides. The technique works well, but the strings eventually degrade and crack. Nevertheless, old windows can be kept operating longer by changing the rope or replacing the pulley. These elements should be accessible through a knockout panel repressed in the window frame.

To Wrap Up – In a nutshell, it can be concluded that it is vital to maintain the old wood windows otherwise they can rapidly fall into ruin. As we all know that wood windows possess a certain elegance and warmth to your home. Old wood windows can ultimately disintegrate from moisture and mold damage, luring termites, beetles, and other pests that love to eat wood. Eventually, it will harm your entire wooden window. Old windows need outside coatings to be healthy in the long run. The points discussed above are necessary to keep in mind to ensure the long run of the wooden windows.

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