What Features of Cape Cod House Make it Diverse and Stand Out?

The Cape Cod-style house is trendy among the people due to its architecture and unique characteristics. The puritan colonists initially introduced the concept of the Cape Cod style in the early 1600s. It is pretty similar to the traditional American Colonial Homes. With the help of this blog, you will learn the different aspects that make Cape Cod Style House stand out from the others. We have written down some points below for a general overview, go through them and know what distinctive characteristics Cape Cod style house offers.

Interior Architecture of the Cape Cod House: It includes a stairway, symmetrical layout, open concept plan, and low-height ceilings. Let’s begin with the stairway. The Cape Cod Houses possess sharp and confined staircases. This kind of staircase is primarily known as Captain’s Stairway. This staircase led the house’s first floor to the second one. 

  • The centered, asymmetrical layout of the home’s main living area is the most explicative element of Cape Cod.
  • The open concept plan of Cape Cod keeps it warm and cozy as there is a free heat flow throughout the home.
  • The Cape Cod Style House’s low-height ceilings help hold the heat inside the house without any obstacles.

Exterior Architecture of the Cape Cod House: Like interior architecture, its exterior architecture also possesses some distinct features. The Cape Cod House’s external appearance looks like a cottage that helps stand out from the neighborhood houses.

  • Snow and rain may more easily glide off the top of a steeply gabled top with a shallow overhang, reducing the likelihood of an ice blockage at the base.
  • The fundamental concept of the Cape Cod House has a gigantic central located chimney that can be easily spotted behind the front door.
  • The traditional and original Cape Cod possess two windows with a front door and shutters on both sides. It also has a chimney on one side with a dormer-designed window.
  • The modern Cape Cod house’s sidings are made of brick and stone, whereas the traditional Cape possesses grey shingles, considered a classic option.

 Some Other Characteristics of Cape Cod – Here are some other characteristics of the Cape House.

  • A massive fireplace is one of the central parts of the Cape Cod House as it enhances its beauty and keeps the house warm from the inside.
  • The Exterior of the Cape Cod House Style is very simple and minimal.
  • Traditional and Old Capes have rose gardens in their yards.

In this way, we can conclude that the traditional Cape Cod Style House concept has evolved with time. Its characteristics have been modified as per the needs and living requirements. Like many other historic residential architectural styles, Cape Cod Homes have established their exceptional standing among the people. If you are also thinking of building a Cape Cod House, you should go for it and add some personal touches to it to make it more remarkable.

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