Remodel your Old Traditional Cape Cod House into a Modern One

Traditional Cape Cod houses look charming due to their vast central chimneys and worn wood shingles. Cape Cod-style homes, first built by early New England settlers, significantly rose after World War II. However, they are still an ideal choice for first-time purchasers, empty-nesters, or anybody who doesn’t want to deal with the expense or trouble of owning a large property. Usually, a well-preserved Cape can acclimate to contemporary living. These fixer-uppers, however, may be very troublesome if they haven’t been renovated. As a result, cape rooms often have limited dimensions, low ceilings, and bumped floors. Even worse, a typical Cape kitchen resembles something from the 1950s or earlier.

Suppose you want to update your old Cape Cod Style House into a Modern Cape Cod Style house interior and exterior. As you explore the interiors, you’ll see that Cape Cod homes must have hardwood floors. When selecting a color scheme, it is usually wise to opt for a stylish, understated tint that allows the light to bounce away while providing enough space to unwind. In addition, the use of neutral colors and lighter shades are required due to the lower ceilings. On the other hand, built-ins are the new cool for compact spaces. Finally, the house can get a lot of character by adding storage nooks and crannies. You can take some inspiration from the below-listed points in planning and executing the upgradation of your old Cape house.

  • Plan a Budget and Blueprint for the Remodelling – It is the initial step to perform while planning to upgrade a traditional Cape Cod Style House into a modular one. One cannot perform all the activities by itself. Look for a contractor and discuss your renovation plans to get a rough idea about the budget.
  • Remodel the Dormers – One or two dormers that change the structure’s height are a common feature of Cape Cod dwellings. Create the most comfortable nook in a lavish bedroom using that area.To make it more inviting and comfortable, add an elegant piece of chair and a table. It becomes a spot where you may unwind and read all day long.
  • Change the Doors: Even while changing your home’s doors may seem negligible, it can bring a lot of genuine character. Consider replacing the hollow or solid core doors in your Cape house with solid wood ones. To enhance their look, you can use exterior wood stain for doors.
  • A Mudroom or Porch: The basic concept of Cape Cod Home consists of three things, i.e., a big kitchen, a mudroom, and an entrance space to enter the house. The addition of a porch is a good option. It will provide more open space to you. 

In terms of architectural characteristics, Cape Cod-style homes are nothing new; they have been there for centuries and have since been updated and reinterpreted to represent a more upscale appearance that will never go out of style. As a result, you can easily duplicate the traditional design aesthetic in your house’s decor and overall appearance by using these Cape Cod home ideas.

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